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Products Code : TI5 CHEST IRONER

· Flexible chest ironers are known

for providing the highest quality ironing

results with excellent energy




· The flexibility of the chest allows it

to adapt to the actual roll diameter,

maintaining an optimal and stable

contact angle for a higher evaporation

capacity and long-lasting high-quality



· Compared with stainless steel, carbon

steel offers lower friction with wet linen

and has higher thermal conduction,

maintaining higher and more even

temperatures for higher quality ironing



· Planetary gear minimizes the counter

torque and ensures that the roll will

stay in its centered position during




· Exhaust control reduces moisture

in padding to maintain evaporation

performance and to prevent the roll

from cooling down


· Adjustable speed with adjustable V-belt



· Relatively low weight of flexible chest

allows faster and more energy efficiency

heat up


· Heated by gas-fired burner (steam-free)

· An oil expansion tank connected

to the heat exchanger


· Oil heating medium up to 40% higher

heat transfer efficiency


· Chest temperature up to 230° C

(40° C higher than that of steam with 12

bar of pressure)


· Precise Temperature control using an

intelligent burner, modulating between

different flame sizes depending on



the required speed and evaporation



· Minimal installation and setup; simply

set in place and hooked up to a gas



· Easy to operation and control; both the

main and the analog control panels can

monitor the performance of the ironer

· Low maintenance technologies, the only

regular maintenance is keeping cleaning

and changing the oil of the gear boxes




Technical Specifications

Working width:
3000 / 3300
Ironing Operating Temperatures:
150-230 °C
Roll diameter:
1 x 800 mm /
2 x 800 mm
Operating Bar:
7-10 bar
Steam or Gas
Dimensions (WxDxH):
2900 x 4740 x 3000 mm
Ironing speed (max & min):
5-17 m/min
Ironing operating temperatures: 
150 – 230 °C
Compressed air consumption:
130 L/Roller Rising
6950 kg
Electric Consumption:
19,0 KW
Gas Consumption:
14,6 Nm³/h