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Products Code : TRDS11


· Stacked tumble dryer in skinplate, cream color 

· Big loading door (opening of 180°)
· Direct drive through a gearbox, no pulley
· Digital control and electronic control
. Easy and intuitive to use, the electronic control  
  offers a complete control of the process 
· Reverse drum: all models offer the reverse 
  turning of the drum
· Drum in galvanised steel
· New filter drawer with wide surface and 
  improved airflow, filter grid is standard 0,6 mm 
  in stacked dryers
· Cool down: anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle
· Models available in electric or gas heating 
· Self-service: to connect to a central payment 
   system or with 2 coiners as it can be ordered 
   with 2 coin kits + boxes, a token kit can be 
   ordered with the token box.